About Us

We have a passion to live out the life that God has brought us. We belong to God and we are His. We desire to spread the message of the wonder of God and His glorious grace shown to us through Jesus Christ.

We have a passion to be a Bible honouring people learning to live what we read and share what we believe.

We have a passion to be a called out people, a people with a message of the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ going into the city and into the nations of the world to share this.

We have a passion to do what God has called us to in partnership with Ephesians 4 gifted ministry.

We have a passion for the local church. For each local church to become mature and effective and we desire to serve the broader body of Christ to see each church we partner with become a church that counts for God.

We have a passion to know our city, love our city and reach our city for the good of the city and the glory of God.