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About Us

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website today. Shoreline is a local church situated in the idyllic valley of Hout Bay. We are a people on God’s mission who are becoming like Jesus and inviting others to join us on the journey. Some of the terms we use may be unfamiliar to you and we will do our best to explain them in an easily understood way.

The landscape of churches in Cape Town has changed significantly since I (Craig) arrived here in 1988. Although Shoreline is an autonomous evangelical church, we are delighted to see growing healthy churches across the city in their many diverse expressions and count ourselves privileged to be a part of what God is busy building today.

Every local church should be able to answer these 4 questions: Who are we?; Why are we here?;In what way will we go about achieving our purposes? & What does the life of our church do to support the fulfilment of these purposes?We cover the answers to these questions in more detail on our Blueprint course which is for those considering whether this is the expression of church they should commit themselves to.

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